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Tube Changer Questionnaire

How to fill in the Tube Changer questionnaire

Answer all the questions according to your knowledge. If you are unsure of what to answer please use N/A (Not Applicable). If you cannot answer the question according to your knowledge please use UN (Unknown) This questionnaire is for the specific purpose of gathering information, so Alcar International can fully understand your exact requirements.

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1. Type of Caster
SlabLarge Bloom

2a) Number of Strands

2b) Type of Strands

3. Steel Production per week/annum through caster (tonnes)

4. Ladle Capacity (tonnes)

5. Tundish Capacity (tonnes)

6. Number of tundish cars

7. Number of tundishes in use

8. Is the tundish stopper controlled?

9a) Max/Min – Mould Width (mm)

9b) Max/Min Mould Thickness

10. Minimum clearance between bottom of tundish and top of mould canopy whilst casting (mm)

11. Hydraulic System:- Availability and properties of hydraulic systems on Tundish Cars (Pressure, Flow Rate, Oil Type) etc.

12. Normal casting speed range m/min

13. Ability to carry out flying tundish change

14. Average number of ladles through one tundish at present

15. What is the limiting factor in 14, ie why do they stop after this number of ladles. Is it because of alumina blockage and if so where, or because of lack of steel, or because of tundish lining life or because of SES life or what?

16. Type of mould level detection device

17. The following drawings are required where available:-
Drawing of tundish shell construction

Drawing of tundish with refractories in place

Drawing of tundish in casting position including mold layout and tundish car support detail

Drawing of refractory SES/SEN currently used

Drawing of wellblock currently used

18. Is the tundish bay provided with stands for tundishes before and after use.

19. Does the tundish bay have:-
a) 3-phase electrical supply

b) compressed air for servicing

20. Type of tundish pre-heat and SEN pre-heat – possibility for vertical burner for nozzle/stopper pre-heat

21. Types of steel to be cast i.e. AK, CaSi etc etc

Thank you for filling out our Questionnaire, we look forward in speaking with you soon.

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